Freight Forwarder of California & 3rd Party Logistics Provider

Air Freight Services

  • Air Freight Service

From any point in the world, our Air Import department can handle your needs in a timely and cost efficient manner…

Ocean Freight Forwarder

  • Ocean Freight Forwarder

From consolidated shipments (LCL) to full container loads (FCL) we know the ins and outs of inbound freight from Asia.

3PL Warehouse Services

  • 3PL Warehousing

Third party logistic (3PL) warehouse services including product fulfillment and pick, pack and ship distribution.


Our Team

STAT Logistics is an organization of dedicated individuals who respond, without delay, to your unique freight forwarding requirements regardless of mode, origin or destination. Continually striving to build strong, long-term relationships with our worldwide partners we will ensure that your goods will always move in the most direct manner and at the best possible rate.

Our Commitment

We understand the importance of an on time delivery of your freight. Our personnel monitor each shipment from beginning to end in order to ensure timely delivery and will resolve any issues, which may result in late receipt of your goods. Transit time reports are available for all clients to monitor and measure our on time performance.

Our Clients

We believe STAT Logistics is an extension of you, our client. As a result, we are diligent in our effort to ensure courteous individuals interact with your clients so that your organization is well represented to your customers through every step of the logistics process.

What is a freight forwarder?

The short answer is that a freight forwarder is to cargo what a travel agent is to your vacation. You tell the freight forwarder where you want your cargo to go and they will make all of the arrangements for you. And while a freight forwarder typically does not own domestic trucks, trains, ocean freight vessels or cargo airplanes, they have negotiated rates with all of these types of carriers, so that you can ship your product less expensively as opposed to striking deals with each individual carrier on your own.

The longer answer is that a freight forwarder is an intermediary that performs many services in the shipping industry including: freight consolidation, document preparation, transportation pricing, cargo insurance, door-to-door capability, shipment visibility, export packing and Customs brokerage. A freight forwarder can often times even organize 3pl warehousing and inventory management for their clients. Because of their substantial buying power, the freight forwarder can typically offer considerable cost savings to the shipper.